Online Courses

Unlimited use of Powerwalkingclub Academy (all knowledge is shared online here for the Power Walking trainers).

More Clients

Right from the start clients! You can get up to 40 sign-ups for your first Power Walking class and in the short term it can go up to over 100 clients!

Easy Monetization

You are free to use your own rates. Customers pay directly to you. Payment methods are managed by yourself.

Power Walking instructor Online education program

The online course is available for everyone in all countries!
Online Course is in English.

The Powerwalkingclub work plan and education plan has been developed for you so that you can get started right away.

Introduction price for now temporarily € 295,- including VAT per person. Normally € 595,- including VAT per person.

Powerwalkingclub manages the website. An annual contribution of € 95,- applies for this.

Requirements that a trainer must have: enthusiastic, social, likes to be outside, good communication skills and a positive attitude.

Join the ever-expanding Powerwalkingclub now and become a Power Walking instructor!